Spam Call Blocker

Spam Call Blocker

Looking for a spam call blocker that actually works? How about a spam call blocker that actually stops spam callers before they even have a chance to make your phone ring? Meet imp - the spam call blocker that turns your landline into a smart phone.

Spam callers account for billions of unwanted calls made to landlines. And that's only over the course of a single month. Combining the proliferation of better technology with the fact that telephone companies not only allow spam callers to use their networks but also only charge them pennies per call, means that spam callers are only going to increase in size and boldness.

So why hasn't anyone - like telecos or the government - stepped in to stop these unwanted callers?

How to Block Spam Calls on Landline

Hint: It's not by signing up for the Do Not Call Registry

In August of 2023, there were over 10 BILLION Unwanted Landline Calls in the United States. This is a 60% increase in spam calls from August of 2022. That's a lot of spam calls.

So how can you block spam calls on landline phones?

When searching online for a solution to block spam calls on landline phones, you will typically see three generic answers:

1. Sign up for the Do Not Call Registry

2. Buy a traditional call blocker

3. Use Caller ID and don't answer unknown numbers

Unfortunately, these "solutions" are anything but.

The Do Not Call Registry states right on their website that "the FTC does not and cannot block calls. The Registry can’t stop calls from scammers who ignore the Registry.”

In other words, if the bad guys choose to simply ignore the FTC '"rules" then there is nothing the FTC can do about it. Uhm. Okay.

And according to our data looking at over 1 million landline calls placed to households, traditional call blockers are able to stop only 5% of spam callers.

Yes, 5% is better than 0%. But not by much.

And as we mentioned about, spam callers are able to use cheap technology to actually trick your Caller ID. If you've ever received a call that looks like it was from a neighbor, only to find a spam caller on the other end, then you know firsthand what this is like.

So if you are serious about wanting to block spam calls on landline phones then the imp spam call blocking technology is for you. It's the only device smart enough to stop 100% of unwanted and spam callers. Guaranteed.

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Block Phone Calls

The smart way to actually block phone calls

What if we told you that the only way for a spam call blocker to work 100% of the time was by not focusing on blocking phone calls?

Sounds crazy, right?

Well give us a chance to explain ourselves.

Spam callers have access to hundreds of millions of phone numbers. So when you buy a traditional spam call blocker whose primary focus is to block phone calls, what you are really asking that device to do is essentially check against hundreds of millions of possible numbers in an instant and then make a split decision as to whether or not to block the phone call or not. That's asking a lot from any device.

"But my call blocker comes pre-loaded with 10,000 known spam numbers!"

Great. 10,000 is a drop in the bucket to 100,000,000, let alone 600,000,000.

So what makes imp different?

The short answer: imp doesn't focus on blocking phone calls.

Instead, imp focuses on the callers you actually want to talk to.

At setup, imp pairs the contacts in your smartphone with your landline (via the imp box, our hardware piece). From there, imp checks every call that comes in. If it's someone imp recognizes, your phone rings. Otherwise imp silently takes a message for you.

This is a much better approach to "block phone calls" since most people have around 300-400 contacts in their smartphone. Checking against this number is dramatically faster, easier, and accurate than trying to check against hundreds of millions of phone numbers.

Stop Spam Calls on Landline

What you need to stop spam calls on landline phones

You're reading this because you already know that spam calls on landline phones is a problem.

And maybe you've already signed up for the Do Not Call Registry or tried a traditional call blocker or are sick and tired of the Caller ID strategy where your phone rings and rings and rings all day long.

So at this point you're considering using imp to stop spam calls on landline phones. Here's what you need to get started:

1. Landline Phone - of course, to stop spam calls on landline phones, you first need a landline phone. Easy enough.

2. Caller ID - your landline phone needs to have Caller ID enabled in order for imp to work. "But you said above that spam callers can trick Caller ID?" Yes we did. And yes spam callers do trick Caller ID. But imp looks at the data "underneath" the info that is displayed on your phone. This data is much, much harder to fake.

3. Wifi - at setup, you plug the imp box, our piece of hardware, into your landline. Wifi is needed because this is how imp passes information along to your smartphone.

4. Android or Apple Smartphone - you control your imp via the imp app. imp pairs the contacts in your smartphone with the imp box. This is how imp knows who you want to hear from. The imp app is also where you can listen to messages, update your contacts, see whose called your landline while you weren't home, and so much more.

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Meet imp, the Spam Call Blocker that stops 100% of unwanted spam callers

Block Spam Calls on Landline

Why it is so important to block spam calls on landline phones of people aged 65+

You might not think it's that big a deal whether or not you block spam calls on landline phones.

But here's a stat that might change your mind:

Americans aged 65+, including those afflicted with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's and Dementia, receive almost 200 unwanted landline calls every week.

That’s more than 28 calls a day from bad actors trying to defraud and steal.

When compared to the average landline user, that's FOUR times as many unwanted telephone calls.

For those of us who are in this age demographic or are caregivers to elderly parents or grandparents, that's a lot of phone calls. And the continuous assault of these spam calls means that it is important to finding a way to block spam calls on landline phones.

All it takes is a single spam caller getting through out of hundreds of attempts to steal thousand of dollars. But with imp, you can rest easy knowing that not a single bad guy is able to sneak into your house through the phone lines.

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