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Watch as George, our founder, talks through the basics of how imp works.

imp - the smart home upgrade

for your landline phone

To successfully stop 100% of your unwanted calls, imp connects three pieces of technology to work together in real-time: our proprietary software, hardware, and our smartphone app.

1. Software: Our proprietary software - known as Greenlist TechnologyTM - pairs the contacts in your smartphone with your landline. This allows imp to recognize a caller as: Wanted, Unwanted, or Unknown.

2. Hardware: Our custom hardware - named the imp box - simply plugs into your landline. From there, the imp box checks each and every call that comes in. If it's a caller imp recognizes, your phone rings. Otherwise, imp simply takes a message for you and then sends you a notification. All without your phone ringing.

3. Smartphone App: Our imp app is available on both Apple and Android smartphones. This is where you receive real-time notifications, listen to voicemails, and do things like put your landline into "Do Not Disturb" mode.

Setup Requirements: in order for imp to work, users need a landline phone, Caller-ID, WiFi, and an Android or Apple Smartphone.

you can't spell simple without imp

imp is designed to be simple enough for grandma to use.

Where call blockers like CPR and Call Control send you a 64-page user manual typed in size 8 font, our plug-and-play setup instructions are two pages long, typed in size 24 font. And that includes pictures.

This is how you add a caller to a VTech smart landline phone's "Allow List." Imagine doing this 100 times.

It will take you longer to read this than to add an allowed caller to your Greenlist. Simply swipe and click.

Software: GreenlistTM Technology

Our secret sauce for stopping unwanted calls.

Greenlist Technology sorts all calls into one of three categories: 

  1. Wanted callers.  These are Greenlist callers. imp lets these callers ring through. imp can, if you want, take a message from these callers if you are not available.    
  2. Unwanted callers.  imp just hangs up on these, Redlist, callers.  Since bad guys change their number all the time, unwanted callers typically are less than 5% of the total.
  3. Unknown callers.  The vast middle ground between Wanted and Unwanted - what we call "Greylist" callers.   Typically 70% of all calls are in this category.  imp silently takes a message from these callers, and delivers that message to your imp app.  

imp works with you to create these lists. Automagically. And don’t worry - if a contact ends up on the wrong list, you can easily change it.

imp landline call blocker setup

Hardware: impTM box

The imp box is our custom hardware, designed by old-school landline experts to stop unwanted calls. Thankfully, you don't need to be an expert to set it up.

Easier to install than a toaster oven, all you need to do is plug the box into your landline and then plug into an outlet.

From there, the box does the dirty work of checking each and every call that comes through.

If it's a Wanted Caller, your landline rings. Otherwise if Unwanted or Unknown, the imp box silently handle the call for you.

Smartphone App: impTM app

The imp app is your control center.

This is where you can see (and control) everything that is happening with your landline.

From checking who called, to updating your lists, to listening to voicemails wherever you are, the app is where you manage everything.

Multiple users can interact with a single imp, so you, your partner, and your children can all help manage your home phone.

PS - you can even use the app to give your landline superpowers like putting your phone into “Do Not Disturb” mode.

Interested in the Technical Details?

Download White Papers written by imp's Head of Engineering, Andy

Setup is as easy as

Download the imp app

Plug in the imp box

Wave 'byebye' to unwanted landline calls

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