Landline Landscape Annual Review

imp Landline Landscape Annual Review

The State of Landline Phones in the U.S.A.

Over the last twelve months, imp handled more than one million landline calls for the imp community.

That's a lot of phone calls.

So we crunched the data to see what stories the numbers told.

Below are our findings on the state of landline phone usage and the continued onslaught of spam and scam callers.

Landline Landscape - U.S. Insights

Landline Landscape : U.S. Insights

87 Million Landline Users: As of August 2023, there are approximately 87 million Americans using landline phones

10 Billion Calls in a Single Month: There were 10 BILLION calls made to landline phones in August 2023

90% Unwanted Calls: Of all landline calls made, 90% are unwanted. This means that in August 2023, 9 BILLION unwanted calls were placed to landline phones.

Only 10% Wanted Calls: When it comes to landline calls people actually want, only 10% fit the bill.

65 Years Old +: Of Americans aged 65 years old and older, 50% have and rely on a landline phone

Landline Landscape - Market Insights

Landline Landscape : Market Insights

The two biggest takeaways from the data on unwanted landline calls are 1) there was a 60% increase in the number of Unwanted Calls per Month and 2) Spam Callers take Holidays off, too.

8 Wanted Calls Per Week: On average, households receive 8 wanted calls per week.

60% Increase in Unwanted Landline Calls: From July 2022 through August 2023, landline users saw a 60% increase in unwanted call volume.

Landline Landscape - Performance Insights

Landline Landscape : imp Performance Insights

imp stops them twice!

It turns out that imp is so effective at stopping spam callers that over time, these bad guys just give up trying.

At install, imp immediately starts stopping 100% of unwanted callers.

But for the first month or two, these bad guys keep trying.

Eventually they realize they are just wasting their time and stop calling.

This is why imp users saw a 30% decrease in unwanted calls over the course of the year.

Compare this with non-imp users who experienced a 60% increase in unwanted calls in that same window of time.

Landline Landscape - Community Insights

Landline Landscape : Community Insights

770: Most Landline Calls Received in One Week on One Landline

203: Most Unknown Calls Received in One Day on One Landline

45: Most Wanted Calls Received in One Day on One Landline

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Report Methodology:

1. The Center for Disease Control surveyed 13,385 people for the period July to December, 2022. The CDC gathers data on landline and cellphone penetration. Their data, when applied to the US Census Estimates of 140.6 million total households in 2022, equates to a total of 33.5 million households and 87.2 million people having a landline.

2. impTM insights are based on in depth analysis of imp users between April 1, 2022 and August 1, 2023. Extrapolating these findings to a potential market of 33.5 million households with landlines, this data has a 90% confidence level with a margin of error of less than 10%