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meet impTM - the smart home upgrade for your landline phone.

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Stop 100% of Unwanted Landline Calls

imp is different. imp only allows wanted callers to ring through. Which means that 100% of the spam, scam, political, fundraising, debt collection, and survey calls are stopped before a single ring. Traditional call blockers can't do this. Neither can the Do Not Call Registry.

Unlimited Contacts and Phone Numbers

imp saves an unlimited number of contacts - from both those you want to hear from as well as an unlimited number of phone numbers you want to stop.

Real-Time Remote Management

imp provides real-time tools to help you manage your, or your loved ones’, landline. It doesn't matter if you are out of the house or remotely helping a parent safely age in place, imp gives you access from anywhere at any time.

Your Privacy is Our Priority

imp is equipped with military-grade security. It's your phone and your data. And it's our promise to keep this information safe and secure.

5-Minute Plug-and-Play Setup

No 64-page instruction manual. No Ph.D. required to install. Just 7 simple steps (which includes Step 1: "Remove Packaging") to stop unwanted calls forever.

Works with All Major Phone Brands & Providers

No matter if your home phone comes in through a traditional hard-wired landline or is provided by a VoIP system, imp will work for you. And you can keep both your current phone and your phone number.

Transforms Your Landline into a Smart Phone

imp brings your landline into the 21st century. Listen to your voicemail messages when you are out and about. Turn on "Do Not Disturb" and never again be interrupted during dinner. Don't want to miss a call from the contractor or a doctor? Simply "Allow All Calls."

imp smart landline technology stops spam calls

Stop 100% of Your Unwanted Calls. Guaranteed.

Call blockers like CPR & Call Control only stop 5% of your unwanted calls.

The Do Not Call Registry & FTC do not and cannot block calls.

And if NoMoRobo does detect a spam call, your phone still rings at least one time.

But with impTM, the only calls you get are the calls you want.

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imp smart landline call-filtering | take back time
imp smart landline call-filtering | take back time
imp smart landline call-filtering | landline security
imp smart landline call-filtering | landline security
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24/7 Protection with Remote Management

imp checks each and every call, day or night.

Monday through Sunday. Including holidays.

For caretakers, this means safety for them and peace of mind for you.

And the easy-to-use imp app makes managing your mom's home phone in the next state over just as convenient as managing the phone in your own home.

imp smart landline phone

our imp pact

imp smart landline call-filtering | take back time

Every imp system comes with one month of free call-filtering service. This way you can try imp completely risk-free.

imp smart landline call-filtering | take back time

imp offers a 90-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free & Easy Returns. No questions asked.

imp smart landline call-filtering | landline security

Your phone, your data. imp's core technical strength is around privacy, encryption, & security. Read our Privacy Policy →

how impTM works

imp smart landline call blocker

imp is based on a simple question: who do you want to hear from?

The easy answer: your friends, family, and other people you know.

This is why imp starts with pairing your smartphone contacts with your landline to create a list of callers who can make your phone ring. 

imp then checks each and every call that comes in.

If it's a caller imp recognizes, they ring through.

Otherwise, imp silently handles the call for you.

No ring. No problem. 


If it's not a call you want, imp silently handles it for you 100% of the time. And by "silently" we mean there is not even a single ring. Ever.

Around the Clock Protection

As soon as you finish the 5-minute plug-and-play setup, imp checks each and every call that comes in, day or night.

Anywhere, Any Time Access

Get your home phone messages wherever you are. Or keep an eye on whose calling mom, wherever she is.

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imp stops all landline spam calls