Stop all unwanted calls on your landline.

So you can spend your time on what matters.

meet impTM: the call screening, scam fighting, time saving landline solution that actually works. Guaranteed.

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Stop all unwanted calls on your landline.

So you can spend your time on what matters.

meet impTM: the call screening, scam fighting, time saving landline solution that actually works. Guaranteed.

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Raving Fans

Friends don't let friends be bothered by unwanted calls. That's why 98% of our users say they would recommend imp to their friends and family.

Super Easy Set-Up

imp is designed to be easy enough for Grandma to plug & play. But if you want help, we have a team on standby via both phone and email.


imp works with all major landline phones & major landline providers - including VoIP or voice over cable. If you have a plug for a phone jack, you are ready for imp.

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We get it.

You’ve heard all this before.

Every call-blocking device ever made has promised to stop all of those annoying unwanted calls. And you have probably tried them all.

But here you are, still looking for a solution to stop all of the unwanted landline calls.

So what makes imp diffferent?

Well, to start, do these other companies publicly share their founder’s home phone number so you can test the product out for yourself?

Didn’t think so.

Meet George. He founded imp because he was sick and tired of the unwanted calls. And he believes in the imp system so much that he is sharing his home phone number for you to test imp yourself.

So give George a call at home: 1-603-643-3746

You will know it's working when you are asked to leave a message.

And he will know it's working when his home phone doesn’t ring.

what our customers are saying

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how impTM works

imp is based on a simple question: who do you want to hear from?

The answer is simple: your friends, family, and other people you know.

This is why imp focuses on your smartphone contacts as the place to start from.

At setup, imp uses your smartphone contacts to automagically create a Greenlist - a list of contacts that can then grow and change over time. 

The result is that only the people you want to hear from can make your phone ring. 

And everyone else is just dealt with, silently.

meet the impTM system

GreenlistTM Technology

The "brains" of the imp system, our Greenlist Technology sorts calls into wanted, unwanted, and everything in between so you can focus on the calls that matter.

impTM box

The "brawn" behind the system, the imp box is our custom hardware. It checks every call that comes in. Your phone only rings if its a call you want.

impTM app

The app is your "control center." This is where you see (and manage) everything that is happening with your home phone from wherever you are.

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Call blocking doesn't work...

but imp does



imp silently stops the calls you don't want.

So you can focus on the calls that matter.

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what we love about imp

hear what our fellow impsters think


Meet Sabrina, our imp app project manager, and her favorite feature: how imp learns new numbers you want to hear from.


Meet Joanne, a member of our marketing team, and her favorite feature: uninterrupted meals with her family and friends.


Meet Emily, the voice on the other end of imp's customer service, and her favorite feature: access to voicemails from anywhere.

our imp pact

Every imp system comes with one month of free call-filtering service. This way you can try imp completely risk-free.

imp offers a 180-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free & Easy Returns. No questions asked.

Your phone, your data. imp's core technical strength is around privacy, encryption, & security. Read our Privacy Policy →

Send Spam Where it Belongs

It turns out that food pantries nation wide are always looking for canned proteins.

Which got us thinking.

While imp sends the phone spam to the dustbin, maybe we could join together and send the food SPAM to a food pantry.

Introducing our "Send Spam Where it Belongs" Campaign:

For every imp system sold in the next two months, we will donate a can of Spam to a local food pantry.

So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to peace & quiet while helping us support our local communities.

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Start welcoming calls today

imp lets you focus on the calls that matter so you don't waste your time worrying about calls you don't want.

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impTM vs. the others

Over the last two years of our operations, we have learned that only 5% of all calls are from known "bad guys."

But by using technology like "Neighbor Spoofing" means that these bad guys are only getting smarter.

And there are trillions (seriously) of potential numbers out there for them to use.

Which is why imp flips the approach, and focuses on the calls you want.


Traditional Call Blockers

Focused on:

Calls you want

Calls you don't want

Calls handled:



Pages in User Manual



Access to messages

Anywhere, anytime

Standing next to machine

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Call-Blocking Hardware

Call-Blocking Software



Focused on Welcoming Calls

Smart Home Answering Machine

Urgent Caller Support

Multiple User Management

Silently Handle ‘Unknown’ Callers

Landline Management from anywhere

"blocking" is a 4% solution

Only 4% of all calls handled across our entire imp network are classified as "unwanted."

This means that traditional call blocking devices really only handle 4% of all the calls you receive on your home phone.

4% didn't work for us.

So we created imp to handle 100% of your home phone calls so you can focus on the calls you actually want.

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the impTM difference

you can focus on welcoming the calls that matter.

and let imp™ silently handle the rest.

One step closer to loving your landline, again

join us in our mission to rid the world from the scourge of unwanted callers