Melanie S.

My phone is finally silent and the robo calls and telemarketing calls no longer bother us. It’s a very impressive unit.

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Craig D.

imp is great. In the first week of use it has stopped 100% of unwanted calls and stopped no calls we wanted. I’m a huge fan. My mother-in-law is now begging me for one.

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Jerry S.

Amazing! imp catches all the junk calls! App and UI is simple and self-explanatory. We just love it.

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Totally stops all harassing callers. Love, love, love this. Easy to install, easy to use. Have gone from having 30 harassing callers and scammers per week to zero. So nice to know these callers run smack into an impenetrable wall called imp.

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Liz W.

Great for parents with Dementia. It has been less than 24 hours and my mother in laws phone is silent. I love the IMP device AMAZING. It has already blocked 12 calls. She has dementia and gets on average 15 to 20 calls a day. Due to her Dementia she is easily swayed to purchase services she doesn't need. Sad. This device is a blessing, she can keep her home landline phone and number and we no longer have to worry about unwanted calls.

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Tom D.

First of all, I want to say that I LOVE IMP. We subscribed to your service for my wife’s mother, who has dementia and lives in an assisted living facility. In the two months that your box has been installed, she has received more than 2,100 spam calls (that’s not a typo). We knew that she was receiving spam calls, but had no idea how many there were.

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Meet Sabrina, our imp app project manager, and her favorite feature: how imp learns new numbers you want to hear from.


Meet Joanne, a member of our marketing team, and her favorite feature: uninterrupted meals with her family and friends.


Meet Emily, the voice on the other end of imp's customer service, and her favorite feature: access to voicemails from anywhere.

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