How to Block a Number on a Landline Phone

How to Block a Number on a Landline Phone

Updated 2/14/23

As call volume on landlines increases exponentially every month (there were more than 7 BILLION calls placed in December 2022 alone), more and more people are asking "how to block a number on a landline".

But when it comes to blocking a number on a landline, the reality is that trying to do so after the call already comes through is too late. It doesn't do you much good to allow the scam callers to ring, and ring, and ring, before you hit a "block" button. In most cases, they will simply call you back using a different number.

(There are hundreds of millions of phone numbers available to use.)

Which is what makes imp different.

imp stops 100% of unwanted calls before they even start.

So if you are asking "how to block a number on a landline" as quickly, and as easily as possible, imp is the solution.

To back up our case, we've outlined the internet's most common solutions, and then walk you through why each of these "solutions" don't actually work.

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Wondering how to block a number on a landline? You are not alone. These unwanted calls are clocking in at an average of 1 billion a week. And with spam, scam and robocalls fast becoming just a fact of life, learning to manage and block these calls is a major focus for many consumers. But where is the best place to start when looking to block a number on a landline phone? Let's look at the three most popular go-to solutions.

How to Block a Number on a Landline by signing up for the Do Not Call Registry

The first recommended line of defense for blocking a number on a landline is often the Do Not Call Registry. This national registry monitored by the Federal Trade Commission was originally designed to stop unwanted sales calls and telemarketing calls. With over 200 million numbers registered, it is clearly a method tried by many concerned consumers. Unfortunately, this solution is, well, not actually a solution. The FTC explains that their system is designed to stop sales calls from legitimate companies only. This is great as far as cutting back on telemarketers but only if they are compliant. Scammers are not paying attention to the FTC and are very successful at getting through to any landline number.

How imp Does what the Do Not Call List Can’t

The imp system is designed to actually stop every single unwanted call. There is no criteria or limiting parameter around what calls are stopped. This includes all those political calls, car warranty calls, calls claiming a person you know is in trouble - all the usual suspects.

So while the Do Not Call registry is meant to cut down on unwanted calls, imp actually catches them all by filtering instead of blocking. This simply means you have complete control over who rings on your phone.

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How to Block a Number on a Landline by using a Landline Call Blocker

It isn’t news that people are fed up with their phones ringing only to discover it is someone you do not want to hear from. Many consumers turn to traditional solutions like a call blocker with many brands and styles to choose from.  Unfortunately the technology behind this solution does not actually stop the unwanted numbers from getting through. In fact, according to imp’s Landline Landscape Report, 83% of landline phone owners are actively bothered by unwanted calls yet traditional call blockers are only stopping 5%.  Not only is this a failed solution, it adds to the frustration.

Why imp is so much more than a Landline Call Blocker

The imp system has the power to block any phone number –100% of the time. It just goes about it in an entirely different way than traditional call blocker devices and the results are impressive. With the core design of the imp system focusing completely on the calls you want, your phone NEVER rings from a spam call. So you never have to worry about those unwanted calls again.

This is achieved through our Greenlist Technology which syncs your smartphone contacts to your imp box – the custom landline hardware that gives your landline brains. Now that all your trusted contacts are in the imp system, those are the only callers that will ring through. 

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How to block a specific number on a landline

Most service providers offer some sort of selective number blocking. This means they can block a specific number, and you have to know the exact number which means, you have to receive this spam call first before being able to do anything about it.The first step in utilizing this service is to call your landline provider and ask to have your blocking feature activated on your landline.

To confirm that the blocking feature is enabled, dial *60 and listen for the recorded voice and confirm that the blocking feature is in fact enabled. From here you can follow the instructions to add phone numbers that you want to block by entering the number including area code adn pressing #.

Repeat this until you have added all the numbers you want to block and note: each provider has a limit that varies from 6-30 numbers. Once you complete these steps, you will no longer receive calls from these specific numbers.

The limitation of *60 and how imp is different

While this may block a few specific numbers, there are some challenges. You actually need to know what the number is in order to block it. This is fine if you actually know the number.

Unfortunately, most spammers change their numbers frequently and it is very likely you may exceed the phone number limitation pretty quickly. This method also requires you to save the number you want to block and manually enter it individually. This is time consuming and mistakes can easily happen resulting in incorrect numbers being blocked.

With imp’s Greenlist Technology, you do not have to worry about deciding and entering numbers to block. The focus is on the calls you do want - you know these numbers. They are in your smartphone contacts and will easily sync over to imp.

Now when these numbers call, they will all ring through. No need to block anything.

the imp system a landline call blocker that works

A true solution: How to Block a Number on a Landline using imp Greenlist Technology

One of the Greenlist Technology’s biggest features is how easy it is to customize the system to your specific needs. The first step is always syncing your smartphone contacts to the imp box. Once this is completed, you can just let it be or start personalizing.

For example, say one of these contacts is someone you no longer want to hear from. With a simple swipe in the app you can move them from your Greenlist to your Greylist, where they can leave a message, or your Redlist, where they will never ever ring on your phone again. And at any time, you can always decide to switch them back.

Moving numbers from different lists is a breeze using the imp app. The power of utilizing these lists allows you to decide how your landline is going to work for you.

Blocking a number on your landline using imp is simple and satisfying. No longer do consumers need to try and bundle solutions only to continue to hear their phone ring with spam, scam and robocalls.

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