Landline Landscape - 2022 Q4 Report

Landline Landscape - 2022 Q4 Report

Another Quarter of relentless ringing

The data from our Landline Landscape 2022 Q4 Report finds that between October through December 2022, the ~40 million households with landline phones received close to 50 unwanted calls per week.

And despite the FCC claiming to prioritize stopping these these dangerous callers, they are showing no signs of slowing down.

How to Block Calls on Landline

85% of Landline Calls are Unwanted

Of the 7.2 BILLION calls made to landline phones in December 2022, a staggering 85% were unwanted. That means that more than 6 BILLION unwanted calls invaded people's homes over the course of the month.

how to stop unwanted phone calls on landline

7x Increase in Weekly Unwanted Calls

In the Q2 edition of our Landline Landscape report, households received an average of 7 unwanted calls per week.

In Q4, they received almost seven times as many, with 48 unwanted calls per week.

Traditional Call Blockers for Landlines are a 5% Solution

When looking at the 48 unwanted calls received every week, one data point that jumps out is that traditional call blockers for landlines are capable of stopping just 5% of these calls.

These 5% "blockable" calls came from known bad guys using the same number. However, the problem is that these spam callers have hundreds of possible numbers to call you from. So if you block one, they will just call from another. And if you block that one, your phone will ring from the third number they use.

That's why imp focuses on the calls you actually want. Everyone else gets sent to voicemail without a single ring.

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Can You Imagine 150 calls in a single day?

These callers are ruthless. They don't care how many times they invade your home. They just keep calling and calling and calling until you cave and answer. Unless, of course, you let imp just handle them for you.

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