Landline Landscape Report (Q2 - 2022)

Landline Landscape Report - Q2 - 2022

imp: smart call blocking technology for landline phones

The Initial Landline Landscape Report

The majority, if not all, research on spam calls to date has focused either on primarily or mobile phones or a combination of mobile and landline phones. Which makes sense considering the size of the mobile phone market.

However, as the approximately 40 million households with landline phones will attest to, spam, scam, robo, and all other types of unwanted callers are just as active on landline phones. In fact, unwanted callers top the list of FCC complaints.

As a smart home company focused on landline technology imp has generated one of the only data-driven reports that examines the use of landline phones. Our initial Landline Landscape Report focuses on landline data for the period of April 1, 2022 through June 30, 2022. The report's findings are below.

prevalence of landline spam calls in the United State

~1 Billion Calls Every Week

The 40 million households with landline phones receive, on average, 940 million calls per week. And of those 940 million calls, 79% are unwanted. That means more than 740 million of the weekly landline calls are considered to be spam.

household impact of landline spam calls

Households Feel Like they are overrun with spam calls

...and that is because they are.

Each household receives an average of 24 calls per week. 19 of these calls are unwanted. This adds up to consumers wasting on average 45 minutes of their time dealing with these annoying (sometimes dangerous) spam calls. Americans are collectively wasting years worth of time dealing with these telephonic nuisances.

Traditional Call Blockers Don't Work

When looking for solutions for the non-stop unwanted calls, landline owners for years have tried making use of traditional call blockers. However, in looking at the data, traditional call blocking devices stop less than 5% of these calls. 

Call blocking is simply not a viable solution.

top 10 cities impacted by landline spam calls

Spam Callers are Nationwide

While the impacts of spam callers are most prevalent in larger cities, the scope of the nuisance is felt nationwide.

The top 10 cities impacted by unwanted landline calls are:

  1. New York City
  2. Chicago
  3. Los Angeles
  4. Dallas
  5. Atlanta
  6. Philadelphia
  7. Charlotte
  8. Houston
  9. Columbus
  10. Nashville
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