Robocall Blocker for Landlines: Stop Robocalls Today

Robocall Blocker for Landlines

Robocalls - especially robocalls made to landlines - have topped consumer complaints for years. Americans received over 50 billions robocalls in 2021 alone. That is almost one billions robocalls per week!

And not only are robocalls on landlines annoying and frustrating, they are also costly. One estimate from T-Mobile puts the financial loss that consumers experienced in 2021 at just under $30 BILLION

So how can you protect yourself? What even is a robocall? And what is the best robocall blocker for landlines?

What's a robocall?

The first thing to understand is that a robocall is different from your standard telemarketing call. Both are annoying, but robocalls differ in that they employ a technology that enables an automatic dialing service to place thousands of calls at the same time. Telemarketing calls, meanwhile, rely on actual people to dial and bother you.

Robocalls also differ from telemarketing calls in that a robocall uses either robots or pre-recorded messages. Most of the time, the instructional voice will try to prompt you do to something.

One thing to note here is that there are some governmental agencies that do indeed use robocalls. But in these instances, the same agency will usually send a postal letter or an email that provides the same information shared in the call. 

Why Has it Been so Hard to Stop Robocalls on a Landline?

The truth is that it is much easier to stop robocalls being placed to a mobile phone than it is to stop robocalls on a landline. Combine this with the fact that most people carry a mobile phone around with them - which means that stopping robocalls on cell phones is a much larger market - and you quickly understand why the emphasis has been on the mobile phone market instead of on landlines. 

The result of this mobile-first focus plus the fact that stopping robocalls on landlines is a harder task, means that robocallers prefer to target landline phones.

The Best Robocall Blocker for Landlines isn’t a Blocker

With more people carrying around mobile phones, it is understandable that most robocall blocking technology is created with cell phones in mind. But what about all of us who need and depend on our landlines? How do we stop robocalls from making our landlines ring off of the hook?

This was the question we asked ourselves when we started imp. For years, we tried every new robocall blocker for landlines available. And for years, we were disappointed with the results.

The only conclusion we could reach is that robocall blockers for landlines do not work. 

Once we realized this to be the case, we flipped our approach to creating a tool that stops robocalls in their tracks. Instead of focusing on the bad guys - the robocallers, scammers, telemarketers, pollsters, etc. - we decided to focus on the calls you actually want. 

This is why with imp, the only calls you get are the calls you want. 

You choose who can ring through. And every other call is handled by imp. For example, you can set your imp to always allow your children to ring through. Or your doctor’s office. Or even the pizza delivery guy. But when it comes to your nosey neighbor, you can make sure he is sent to voicemail so you can call him back later. And when it comes to robocalls, your landline will not ring and the robocaller will not even have the option to leave a message. 

No ring. No message. No problem. 

imp vs. Robocall Blocker for Landlines

We tried all of the robocall blocker for landlines available. And found that none of them did the job. This is why we decided to instead focus on welcoming the calls we wanted. 

So how else is imp different from these other products? Here are just a few of the landline superpowers imp gives your phone.

Silently Handle “Unknown Callers”

One big problem with traditional call blockers is that a number needs to either be in the limited database that comes with the device or you need to manually enter the number into the device yourself. This is a lot of work. And even after you spend hours setting it up, it doesn’t always work. But with imp, handling “Unknown Callers” could not be any easier. If the caller is not recognized, imp simply and silently handles the call for you. From there, you can choose how to handle the caller should he call again by either sending to voicemail or silently hanging up on him altogether. 

On the Go Voicemail

Does it makes sense to you that in 2022, the only way you can check the messages on your home answering machine is to be standing right next to it? We didn’t think so either. Which is why we created the world’s first smart home answering machine. You can access your landline voicemail wherever you are.

Multiple User Management

Not only can every member in your house use imp to help manage your landline, but you can also help manage other landlines as well. Take for example eldery grandparents who are getting bombarded with scam calls or who need help with their medical appointments. Setting them up with imp allows you to help keep them safe while also being in a position to help stay on top of those important calls and appointments. 

Do Not Disturb Mode

Maybe you really need that afternoon power nap. Or you value a quiet, distraction free family dinner. Using imp, you can put your landline into “Do Not Disturb” mode which makes sure your phone does not ring. imp will silently handle calls for you, taking any messages that you can then choose to return later. 

When looking for a solution to stopping robocalls on your landline, it is important to understand that “blocking” is not the answer. Why? Because robocall blockers for landlines don’t work.

Instead, easily transform your landline into a “smart phone.” imp gives your landline brains so that the only calls you get are the calls you want.