Landline Phones for Seniors in 2024

Best Landline Phones for Seniors in 2024

Landline phones remain an essential part of American households as nearly 90 million people rely on them for day to day communications. And when it comes to landline phones for seniors, more than half of Americans 65 years and older use them.

But when it comes to finding the right landline phones for seniors, there are a number of things to take into consideration. Apart from functional attributes like button size and sound enhancement, we believe that when it comes to landline phones for seniors, the most important feature is whether or not it helps to keep them safe.

Landline Phones for Seniors Receive 4x More Unwanted Calls

The best time to stop a scam caller is before they even ring

In our Landline Landscape Study on Seniors, we found that scammers target landline phones of seniors with an average of 200 unwanted calls every week. That’s four times more than the average household. 

When you’re receiving 28 unwanted calls per day, it’s more than just annoying. At that rate, it becomes downright dangerous. Because the cost of these illegal scam calls is so cheap, and since technology makes it so easy, scammers are simply playing the odds. Of those 28 daily calls, they just need an unsuspecting senior to answer one of them. And then the scammers are off to races, trying to steal as much info and money as they can.

That’s why the best time to stop a scam caller is before they can even start making your phone ring.

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Are You Looking for a New Landline Phone for Seniors?

Or do you just need to update the one you have?

There are times when newer does not mean better. And depending on what your needs are when it comes to landline phones for seniors, this could be one of those times.

If your biggest concern is keeping your family or friend safe, then there is a good chance that you don’t need a new landline phone at all. Instead, opt to upgrade your existing landline phone with imp’s plug and play smart technology.

Our smart landline call blocker works with just about every landline phone out there. All you need to do is plug your current landline phone into our hardware (and connect our hardware to a power source) and you’re ready to stop 100% of unwanted landline calls. Seriously.

There are three other requirements when working with our imp smart call blocking technology (Caller ID, wireless internet, and a smartphone). But if you already have a working landline phone, chances are that instead of a brand new phone, you can just connect imp.

The Best Landline Phones for Seniors

Features to look for in landline phones for seniors

When shopping for a landline phone for seniors, there are a few features to be on the lookout for. These include design items like large buttons that make it easier for seniors to to see and dial. Or phones with generous adjustable volume settings and amplifiers to ensure seniors can hear the conversation. Some landline phones for seniors also include emergency features like a dedicated emergency button

Note: you can see a full rundown with the pros and cons of various landline phones for seniors here →

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Does Imp work with Landline Phone for Seniors?

Talk to a real person about how imp works

imp works by syncing the contacts in your smartphone with your landline phone. From there, imp checks every single call that comes into your landline phone. If it's a caller imp recognizes, your phone rings. Otherwise, imp silently answers the call for you and takes a message. 

Below are some recent reviews of seniors loving what imp brings to their house:

Love Note #1

"You guys are wonderful it is saved my father and I so much grief having all of these solicitor calls diverted. He gets literally 20+ calls a day that are diverted by your system. Thank you so much."

Love Note #2

"I knew my 91 year old mother was getting a lot of calls. Unfortunately it got serious when she started giving personal information to the callers. She gave her bank account number, her Social Security number, and her Medicare number to these callers. She thought they were real companies, real doctors, real nice people. They weren’t. As the scams increased I really didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t take away her phone! When I found IMP on the Internet it sounded too good to be true. I looked into it and thought it sounded like an obvious solution to a horrible problem. I bought it and I have never been happier. I had no idea my mom was getting 50 calls a day! I kid you not, 50 calls a day! I was stunned. My poor mom. Dealing with that must have been so hard and stressful. They called her from 6:30 in the morning until 5:30 every night. Crazy!!!! Now she only gets calls from friends and family, just like it should be. Thank you IMP. You have made a huge, positive difference in my mom’s life. And mine too, by the way. I feel so much better knowing she is not getting scammed all day every day."

Love Note #3

"I cannot overstate how impressed I am with this product and service. It does exactly what it is described to do - it STOPS the unwanted calls from ringing through! Every. Single. One. Of. Them. I can review the incoming calls on my phone, and mom never has to be anxious about answering her landline again. If her phone rings, it is safe to answer. Set up was easy, although I did need to call customer service. Emily was wonderful and helpful - make sure your lines are firmly seated in the port even if they do make the click sound! I would pay twice what this costs without hesitation! Since joining IMP in Aug, 2023, we are very pleased with it. So nice to not have phone ringing off the hook when we visit our father for whom we got the service. Since we have been IMP customers, there probably have been a few thousand calls that have been stopped from getting through, so to my family, has been worth every penny. I just gave a cousin information to use friends/family discount, as they are interested in joining for my uncle for same reasons we did. My family & I will continue to let others who may benefit, know about joining IMP"

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