How to Block a Number on a Landline (and How imp™ Does it Better)

How to Block a Number on a Landline - imp | smart landline call-filtering technology


We here at imp™ were so tired of trying to find an effective way to block a number on a landline that we made it our mission to save the world from the scourge of unwanted callers. We are sure this is a mission you support, or you wouldn’t have been searching for a way to block those pesky callers as well.

Sure, you can just “ignore” the phone as it rings. And rings. And rings. Or you can try one of those *60 codes that never seem to work. And this is on top of already registering to have calls blocked with the National Do Not Call Registry. 

But those spammers just keep calling your landline. 

If you’re like us, you still depend on your home landline phone for a number of everyday conversations. From talking with your family, to scheduling a doctor's appointment, to ordering pizza, you rely on your phone.

But chances are good that you are also sick and tired of that landline ringing all day and night with calls offering to extend your car’s warranty (for a car you might not even own any more) or asking to have money sent to a relative you’ve never heard of, or to donate to a cause that doesn't even sound real, that you just want to rip your landline out of the wall! 

We just want to hear from the people who matter in our life, and know that we are not going to be scammed in our own homes. Is this really too much to ask for?

What if I told you there was a better solution to these frustrating calls than simply trying to block those numbers on your landline phone? Seriously. Call blocking doesn’t work. Which is why we flipped our approach to this growing problem by deciding to focus on the calls we actually want to receive.

Meet our friendly little imp box™, and its friends the Greenlist and imp app™.

*Cue Fanfare*! 

imp’s smart home technology supercharges your landline with real-time brains. This means that our imp box filters your calls BEFORE they make your landline ring, and SILENCES all unwanted calls. The result: you now have the peace of mind that when your landline rings, it is a genuine call from someone you know, and not some spammer out to get you!

Read on to learn about ways people have tried to block a number on a landline phone in the past, and how imp’s sophisticated technology is a cut above the rest! 

Blocking a number using *60, what a headache!

You may have heard dialing *60 from your landline will allow you to block a call. This method works, IF you want to add every number manually. Not to mention, you have to know the caller’s number in order to block that specific number. And most carriers put a limit on the number of contacts you can block. 

So as long as you have a crystal ball handy in order to see exactly what spam numbers will call you in the future, *60 is not that strong a strategy to block a number on a landline. And if you do have the number you want to block, your carrier will cap how many numbers you can do this for.

By using imp to eliminate all of your unwanted callers, you are choosing the smart strategy. Not to mention, it actually works. imp simply uses your contacts list from your smartphone and syncs this list with your landline. This allows calls from people you know and silently eliminates calls from people you don’t. With imp’s flexible settings, you can tell your imp exactly what type of calls to deal with behind the scenes for you and which ones to let through.

Blocking anonymous landline callers, a total migraine!

Another number you may have tried is *77, but this does not effectively block numbers on a landline either. Aside from the fact that *77 sometimes just connects you to local law enforcement instead of helping block calls, it is also useless against most spam and robocalls. 

*77 relies on the spammer not reporting caller ID information to block anonymous calls. Scammers are sophisticated and have found methods that allow them to report their caller ID in ways designed to work around *77 and to trick callers into thinking it is a call they should answer.

Luckily imp is trailblazing the latest in smart-home landline technology to keep you - and your landline - a step ahead of those scoundrels. imp not only sees those gimmicks and tricks, but is learning every day how best to stop scammers in their tracks!

National Do Not Call Registry: Well intentioned but ineffective

The Do Not Call Registry (DNC) is a well intentioned attempt to block a number on a landline. But it simply doesn’t work. 

Sure, the DNC  will stop sales calls, if the company chooses not to ignore the DNC registry (which many do). But it does nothing to stop political, debt collection, informational calls or telephone surveys. It doesn’t stop sales calls from businesses that you have interacted with before, and to get them to stop calling, they usually require something in writing! 

And we can guarantee that scammers and con artists are not taking the time to reference the DNC before trying to harass you out of your hard earned money using deceit or scare tactics. To top it all off, it can take OVER 30 DAYS to have your registration take effect. 

Compare that to the few minutes it takes to set up your imp box and to create your account. Once your imp is in place, all those annoying calls are gone for good! No ring. No mess. No problem.

Why imp Works!

We at imp were so frustrated by the ineffectiveness of these old-fashioned and unsuccessful methods for blocking a number on a landline that we started a whole company to rise to the calling (pun intended)! 

On top of that, we made the process as simple as possible. That is why setting up your own imp is easier than setting up a new toaster.

Once you receive your imp box, all you have to do is open it up, plug it in, enter some info, and then sit back while imp automagically gets to work creating your Greenlist. From there on out, it is welcome calls only for you and your home.