How to Block Calls on Landline

How to Block Calls on Landline

People want to know how to block calls on landline. And with billions of unwanted calls incoming every single month, it’s no wonder that they want to block calls on landline and they want to do it now. Thankfully, imp makes it super fast and easy to stop 100% of your unwanted landline calls. All it takes is five minutes to stop spam calls forever.

How to Block Call on Landline Using imp

If you are looking how to block calls on landline, look no further. imp does this and so much more. How can imp block 100% of unwanted calls on landline? By focusing on the calls you actually want.

At setup, the imp box hardware (the small box that plugs into your landline) uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone. From here, the contacts saved in your smartphone get shared with your landline (via the imp box). This means that your landline now has a Greenlist™ - what we call a set of callers who are able to make your phone ring.

Whenever a new call comes in, the imp box immediately checks the caller’s phone number. This is an important step. Scam callers are able to use “spoofing” technology to trick caller ids. This is why some calls look like they are coming from a neighbor or someone you know. But because imp looks at the actual phone number the call is coming from, these scammers cannot trick the imp system. 

If imp recognizes the phone number, the call rings through. Otherwise, imp simply takes a message for you and sends you a notification on your smartphone. All without a single ring from your landline phone. 

So if you are wondering how to block calls on landline, it really is that simple. imp does all of the hard work for you. 

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Why Traditional Call Blockers Can’t Block Calls on Landline

There is a lot of information out there talking about how to block calls on landline using a traditional call blocker. The short answer is that yes, traditional call blockers can stop some unwanted calls. But analyzing imp’s proprietary data, which looks at hundreds of thousands of calls, traditional call blockers can really stop only about 5% of the unwanted landline calls.

That means traditional call blockers are only a 5% solution at best. Why? Well, as highlighted above, it is easy to fake caller id information. This means it is possible for scam callers to sneak around the defenses of traditional call blockers.

Another problem is that most call blockers only work after the fact. So a call has to first invade your home, ringing, and ringing, and ringing, and then you have to manually hit a button to “block” that specific number. 

Which leads to the third reason why call blockers can’t block calls on landline: there are hundreds of millions of possible phone numbers able to be used. So if you block one number, the same scam caller will just call you from another number. And if you block that number, they will use another one. 

Take this example from a company called Dynata. They have called from no less than 15 different numbers. Using a traditional call blocker would have meant that each of these calls rang through. And each would have required a manual block after the fact.

But imp stopped each and every one. Dynata could try 100 or even 1,000 different numbers. None of them would be able to sneak into the home.

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Why the Do Not Call Registry Can’t Block Calls on Landline

If you want to know how to block calls on landline, the most popular answer is to sign up for the Do Not Call Registry. The good news is that signing up is fairly straightforward. The bad news is that signing up for the Do Not Call Registry doesn’t stop much.

In their own words, the Do Not Call Registry “does not and cannot block calls. The Registry can’t stop calls from scammers who ignore the Registry.”

In fact, the Do Not Call Registry puts forth the following calls as being legal:

  • * Political Calls are legal
  • * Political Robocalls are legal
  • * Charitable calls are legal
  • * Debt Collection calls are legal
  • * Purely informational calls are legal
  • * Survey calls are legal
  • * Calls from companies you’ve recently done business with are legal

So the Do Not Call Registry can’t stop scammers. And they give the “okay” to some of the most annoying and relentless landline callers? Exactly how is this a solution?

The bottom line is that if you want to know how to block calls on landline - and we mean 100% of unwanted calls - the fastest, easiest, and only guaranteed way to do so is to join imp.

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