How to Block a Phone Number on a Landline - And How imp Makes it Easy

imp smart call-filtering | How to Block a Phone Number on a Landline


With the number of spam calls on the rise, millions of homeowners are frantically searching for a solution on how to block a phone number on a landline. However, no one was willing to take on such a huge challenge. Until now. 

We were sick and tired of telemarketers and spammers not respecting our privacy. Our landline phone would ring all day long, filled with spam callers we did not want to hear from. So we created imp™ to help us focus on those callers we actually want to connect with and to make those unwanted callers silently disappear. 

imp™ is a smart landline call-filtering system that actually works. Built using our Greenlist Technology™, imp’s™ approach to restoring peace and quiet, while saving you time in the process, is designed around those calls you actually want to receive.    

Why Blocking a Phone Number on a Landline Doesn’t Work

The truth is that when it comes to blocking a phone number on a landline, the typical suggestions just don’t work. Landline service providers will try to upsell you on features like call rejection or call blocking as a way to prevent certain numbers from invading your home. But these options are not good solutions.

Below are some of the most common suggestions for blocking a number on your landline phone.

Landline Blocking Fail #1: Blocking a Specific Number

Telephone service providers claim to offer a blocking feature to its customers. To activate, customers are required to call the service provider and request the specific feature.

In most situations, customers will be directed to dial *60 from their landline phones. If successful, you are connected to a recording, confirming that the call blocking feature is live on your landline phone service. If this has not yet been enabled, you are then prompted with steps to activate.

After a customer has successfully activated their call blocking features, they now have to go through the tedious process of actually adding the specific phone numbers you want to block. 

You read that correctly: you as the customer have to manually enter specific phone numbers you would like to block using your landline phone. On top of this, most service providers have a maximum number of phone numbers you can enter. In some cases, there is a limit of only twelve phone numbers a customer can block!

So not only is the landline call blocking process very manual and limited in scope, this feature only blocks numbers you know of. That means if an unwanted caller calls from a different number, your phone will still ring.

Landline Blocking Fail #2: Blocking Anonymous Landline Callers

Similar to the first option of blocking specific phone numbers, relying on your service provider to help block anonymous landline callers is not much more productive. The process is somewhat less cumbersome, but unfortunately, is somewhat less successful as well.

To activate this feature, most service providers require you to dial *77 from your landline phone. Doing so will activate your landline’s blocking feature. However, this feature is only available if you have Caller ID available on your landline.

Landline Blocking Fail #3: Signing Up for the National Do Not Call Registry

When it comes to blocking a phone number on a landline, most frustrated people start with Here you register your phone number, enter your email, and confirm that you do not want to receive telemarketing calls.

However well-intentioned this government service is meant to be, it does not work. Spam callers completely disregard this registration, spamming your landlines all day and night.

imp™: the Best Way to Protect Your Landline

We tried all of the above phone number blocking techniques for landlines. But spam callers still got through. So we decided to flip the problem upside down and try a different approach to blocking a phone number on a landline phone.

Instead of thinking only about those annoying spam callers, we chose to focus on those callers that we actually want to talk to. From friends and family members to our doctors’ offices and food deliveries, we were determined to have a say in who could have access to inside our homes.

Blocking phone numbers doesn’t work. Which is why we designed our Greenlist™ Technology to welcome those calls you want. With imp™, it becomes super simple to give permission to your network of contacts while keeping all other callers at bay.