How imp is More than a Call Blocker for Your Landline

imp - smart landline call-filtering system | Call Blocker for Your Landline


If you have tried a call blocker for your landline, then you know that call blocking just does not work. And those products that have promised to put an end to the non-stop ringing from spam calls, scam callers, robocalls, and every other type of unwanted call have not lived up to this promise.

Which is why we created imp™. Instead of just trying to be call blocker for your landline, imp™ completely flips the solution to the problem. How? By focusing on those calls that you actually want to welcome into your home.

When you focus on welcoming calls instead of simply trying to block them, you create a solution that brings nothing but peace, quiet, and good conversations into your home.

How imp is different from a traditional call blocker for landlines

Traditional call blocker for landline products try to focus on just one thing: blocking calls. But this does not work. Far too often, spam callers outsmart these devices. Or, even worse, these typical call blockers for landlines often end blocking those calls you are actually wanting to receive.

imp™  is different because we think different. Our smart landline call-filtering system consists of three parts: our Greenlist™ Technology is the brains of the imp™ system, while our imp box™ is the plug and play brawns. And you easily control the entire system right from the  imp app™ on your smartphone.

What makes Greenlist Technology™ Better than a Traditional Call Blocker Device?

The process starts as soon as you plug your  imp box™ into the power outlet. This will quickly connect everything to the imp™ network, syncing your smartphone contacts with your landline. Once everything is wired up, the landline transformation process begins. 

After this quick and easy install, your landline is now a smart call-filtering tool. imp™ uses your smartphone contacts to automagically create your own Greenlist™. These callers will be able to ring through on your landline. 

At setup, imp™ also creates a Redlist and a Greylist, with each list playing a role in your landline use. Redlist callers trying to disrupt your home are immediately hung up without your landline even ringing. Greylist callers are handled with some more nuance. While these callers are also handled silently, they are sent to voicemail. This allows you to deal with their call on your own terms. And you of course also have the power to decide to move a caller from your Greylist to Greenlist or Redlist with the simple touch of the app.

What is a call blocker?

A call blocker for landlines does just that: blocks calls from making your phone ring. And with over 60 billion (and increasing) spam calls being placed every year in the United States, we need a tool like this more than ever.

Except the call blockers just do not work. No matter how much we wanted them too, unwanted calls kept sneaking into our homes multiple times a day. And to make things even worse, our family and friends were sometimes blocked as well when trying to get a hold of us.

This is why we created imp™ - a smart landline call-filtering system that actually works. Built with our Greenlist Technology™, we decided to take a different approach to the failed strategy of a call blocker. With imp™, you can easily and seamlessly fine-tune how your landline works. Or you can just let us automagically handle it for you. So all you have to worry about is enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with a landline phone that works like it was meant to. 

What are some ways to block calls on a landline?

Up until now, there were very few options available to block calls on a landline. And the options that did exist were not very helpful with stopping the problem of unwanted calls invading your privacy.

For example, if you want to block a phone number on a landline, you could try to dial *60 from your landline or try signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry. Unfortunately, neither one of these is a viable solution to actually being able to stop unwanted calls from invading your home.

In fact, it was having tried these solutions in tandem with buying call blocker devices for landline that made us think: “there has to be a better way.” And so imp™ was created.

What are the benefits of using imp instead of a call blocker for your landline?

Using a call blocker for your landline has been proven time and time again to be a failed strategy for stopping unwanted calls. The 60 billion spam calls being made on an annual basis are getting smarter and smarter. Which is why your landline needs to keep up.

Using imp™ transforms your landline into a smart call-filtering system. This means that imp™ makes your landline smart enough to be able quietly deal with unwanted calls without you even noticing they were trying to get in your home.
With our imp™ app, you can customize your landline’s settings as well as see every call that was handled. You can even set your landline phone on “Do Not Disturb” or check voicemails when you are away from the house!

imp™ creates the landline experience as it was originally intended - as a tool to welcome callers you want to speak with.