How To Get on the Do Not Call List in Texas

How To Get on the Do Not Call List in Texas

Everything's bigger in Texas — including the number of scammers and telemarketers.

If you're ready to take back control of your phone line it's important to understand what works. And what doesn't. 

This article will outline why joining the Do Not Call List in Texas isn't enough while also providing the tools and resources to keep your phone ringing only for the people you want to talk to.

Why the Do Not Call List Texas Doesn't Work

The Do Not Call List was created to stop legitimate companies from calling you.

However, scammers are not legitimate companies.

So it follows that they do not follow, or even care about, the rules outlined by the Do Not Call regulations. That's why even those in Texas who have already gone through the process of registering for the Do Not Call list still receive close to 100 unwanted calls every week.

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Outlining the Do Not Call List Texas

The idea of Do Not Call List as resource for Texans seeking refuge from the incessant ringing of their phones at the hands of relentless telemarketers is good in theory. But actually only stops about 5% of unwanted calls in practice.

This list, maintained by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC), serves as a registry of phone numbers that telemarketers are legally prohibited from calling. 

It’s important to note that the Do Not Call List covers residential and wireless telephone numbers, not business ones. Furthermore, certain calls are exempt from the list's restrictions, such as calls from charitable organizations, political campaigns, and telephone surveyors. 

However, the list effectively curbs calls from commercial telemarketers who wish to sell goods or services.

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Getting on The Do Not Call List Texas

Now that you're familiar with the Do Not Call List in Texas, it's time to learn how to register your phone number and enjoy some much-needed respite from telemarketing calls. To help you, here's a step-by-step guide to help you through the process:

Step 1: Visit the Texas No Call Website

Begin by navigating to the official Texas No Call website. This website, operated by the PUC, is where you'll find the information you need to register your phone number and get it on the Do Not Call List Texas.

Step 2: Choose the Appropriate List

Once you're on the Texas No Call website, you'll notice that there are three different lists you can register for, depending on your needs:

  • · Texas No Call List: This list applies to residential and wireless phone numbers and covers telemarketing calls from companies that sell goods or services.
  • · Texas Electric No Call List: If you want to avoid calls from electric providers looking to sell their services, this list is for you.
  • · Texas Commercial No Call List: This list is intended for businesses that want to opt out of telemarketing calls from certain types of businesses. Please note that this list is not applicable for residential or wireless numbers.

Step 3: Complete the Registration Form

After selecting the list you wish to join, you will be directed to an online registration form. Fill in the required information, such as your name, address, and phone number(s) that you want to register on the list. 

You'll also need to provide a valid email address, as the PUC will send you a confirmation email upon successful registration.

Step 4: Review and Submit the Registration Form

Before submitting the form, double-check your provided information to ensure its accuracy. Once you've confirmed everything is correct, click the "Submit" button to complete the registration process.

Step 5: Confirm Your Registration

After submitting the registration form, you'll receive a confirmation email from the PUC. Open the email and follow the instructions to confirm your registration. 

It’s crucial to complete this step, as failing to do so may result in your phone number not being added to the list.

Step 6: Allow Time for Telemarketers to Update Their Records

Once you've successfully registered your phone number on the Do Not Call List, it can take up to 60 days for telemarketers to update their records and stop calling your number. During this period, you may still receive some unwanted calls. 

However, after the 60-day grace period, you should notice a significant reduction in the number of telemarketing calls you receive.

Step 7: Re-Register After Five Years (if necessary)

Keep in mind that your registration on the Do Not Call List Texas is valid for five years. After this period, you may need to re-register your phone number to maintain its status on the list. 

It's a good idea to set a reminder to re-register your number once the five-year mark approaches, ensuring uninterrupted protection from telemarketing calls.

Step 8: File a Complaint (if necessary)

If you continue to receive unwanted telemarketing calls after the 60-day grace period, you can file a complaint with the PUC. To do so, visit the Texas No Call website and click on the "File a Complaint" link. 

You'll need to provide information about the offending call, such as the date, time, and name of the telemarketing company.

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Get Peace of Mind With The Do Not Call List Texas

Following the steps above can help you effectively reduce the amount of legitimate telemarketing calls you receive.

But if you are wanting true peace of mind, and true peace and quiet, the Do Not Call List Texas is not enough.

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