How To Get on the Do Not Call List in PA

How To Get on the Do Not Call List in PA

Are you tired of dealing with the constant ring of unsolicited calls and telemarketing pitches disturbing you day and night? Thankfully for Pennsylvania residents seeking relief from all the noise and annoyance, the Do Not Call List offers a valuable solution. 

In this article, we'll take you step by step through the process of joining the Do Not Call List in PA and explain how it functions to protect your privacy. By learning your rights and leveraging this service, you can reclaim your peace and serenity at home.

Does the Do Not Call List PA Work?

Unfortunately, the Do Not Call List really doesn't work all that well.


Because rules only work if people actually follow them.

Do you think that people trying to scam you out of thousands of dollars are actually going to follow the Do Not Call List rules because you asked them to? Not to ruin the surprise, but scammers actually just ignore your request, and the rules, and call you anyhow. Oftentimes to the tune of 100 times every week.

When it comes to actually stopping 100% of unwanted landline calls, there is only one solution that is guaranteed to work. But if you still want to go through the process of signing up for the Do Not Call List PA, follow the steps below.

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What is the Do Not Call List PA?

The National Do Not Call Registry, overseen by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), was established in 2003 to help consumers reduce unsolicited sales calls. By registering your phone number on the list, you signal to telemarketers that they should not contact you. 

Pennsylvania's Do Not Call List is operated by the state's Office of Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection and works in conjunction with the National Registry. 

This list aims to provide Pennsylvanians with an extra layer of protection against spam calls and telemarketing efforts.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Joining Pennsylvania's Do Not Call List

Step 1: Visit the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General's Website

Begin by navigating to the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General's website. Locate the "Get Help" tab at the top and center of the homepage and click on it. From the dropdown menu, select "Do Not Call List."

Step 2: Register Online

Once on the Do Not Call List page, click the "Do Not Call Enrollment" button. This will redirect you to the state Do Not Call Registry, where you can then register your phone number.

Step 3: Provide Your Information

To register your phone number, enter your 10-digit phone number (including the area code) along with your name, address, and county. Remember that you can register both your home and cell phone numbers.

Step 4: Give Telemarketers Time to Update Their Records

It may take up to 31 days for telemarketers to update their records and stop calling you. However, if you keep receiving unwanted calls after this period, you can file a complaint with the FTC or the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General.

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Important Things to Know About the Do Not Call List PA

Duration of Registration

Your phone number will remain on the Do Not Call List indefinitely, as Pennsylvania law eliminated the previous five-year registration limit in 2019. However, if you change your phone number or move out of state, you will then need to re-register.

Exemptions and Exceptions

While the Do Not Call List helps reduce the number of unsolicited sales calls, it doesn't entirely eliminate them. Certain callers, such as political organizations, charities, and survey researchers, are exempt. 

Additionally, businesses with which you have an existing relationship or those to whom you have provided written consent may still call you.

Filing a Complaint

If you believe a telemarketer is violating the Do Not Call regulations or if you continue to receive unwanted calls 31 days after registering, you can file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General or the FTC. To do so, visit their respective websites and follow the instructions for filing a complaint. 

Make sure to provide the necessary information, such as the date and time of the call, the caller's name, and the phone number from which the call was made. The more details you give in the complaint, the easier it becomes for authorities to investigate and address the issue.

Stay Vigilant Against Scammers

Unfortunately, scammers and fraudulent callers may still attempt to contact you, even if your number is on the Do Not Call List. Stay vigilant and never provide personal or financial information to unknown callers. If you suspect a caller is a scammer, hang up immediately and report the call to the FTC or the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office.

Blocking Unwanted Calls

In addition to registering for the Do Not Call List, consider using call-blocking tools and services provided by your phone carrier or leverage third-party apps. These tools can further help filter out unwanted calls, providing extra protection against spam and robocalls.

Stopping Unwanted Calls In The Keystone State

Pennsylvania's Do Not Call List is a well intentioned resource for residents looking to reduce unsolicited sales and spam calls and preserve their privacy.

But it actually doesn't stop scammers who simply ignore the rules.

While the Do Not Call List offers valuable protection, it's important to remain watchful for scammers and employ supplementary call-blocking tools to enhance your defenses against unwanted calls.

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