imp Caregivers Program

A 6-Month Program for Landline Phone Owners with Alzheimer’s & Dementia


Landline phones pose a unique challenge to aging Americans and their caregivers.

On one hand, the phone helps maintain connections to family, friends, and the community. The phone is a symbol of independence, and a familiar marker of continuity. Quality and reliability are excellent.

But, in 2021, almost $5 billion dollars was stolen, largely from seniors, through landline phone fraud.

For the 48 million senior Americans over 65 with landlines, for the 6 million seniors who have Alzheimer’s, and for their 11 million caregivers, some solution is needed. 


imp is a smart home solution that stops 100% of the unwanted landline calls before they happen.

imp accomplishes this magic by pairing smartphone contacts with a landline phone to create a list of wanted callers, and only letting these wanted callers ring through.

All other callers are either terminated, or silently invited to leave a voice mail message.

All of the activity on the landline is managed through a smartphone app.  

In a small survey of existing customers who use imp to manage their parent’s phone, 100% of them responded that imp improved their lives as caregivers AND the overall quality of life of their parents.

imp Caregiver Program

The purpose of this program is to expand the initial survey, more accurately quantify the impact, and to identify areas for potential product improvement.

The program will be six months long, and is free to selected participants. Enrollment is limited.

Participants need to have a parent suffering from a form of cognitive decline. The parent needs to have a landline with Caller ID, and a wifi connection to the internet. The caregiver needs to have a recent model Android or Apple smartphone. The parent does not need to have a smartphone, but could.

During the program, participants will be asked to fill out three surveys, and have at least one 15-minute phone conversation.  

If interested, get fill out the survey below.