Why Landline Call Blocking Does Not Work

Why Landline Call Blocking Does Not Work

There are approximately 40 million households with landline phones in the United States, and of those, 83% of these landline phone owners report being bothered by unwanted calls.

When looking for solutions for the non-stop unwanted calls, landline owners turn to the traditional options. Most popular is purchasing a call blocking device, getting on the "Do Not Call Registry” or adopting whatever proposed solution is offered through their phone/cable provider.

The Problem with traditional landline call blocking "solutions"

So with all of these proposed solutions, why are they not solving the problem of the constant bombardment of landline spam calls? The problem starts with the approach. Specifically, landline call blocking is built on the formula of identifying known "bad guy" phone numbers and then using this data to block their numbers.

Unfortunately, this a proven failed attempt at a solution. In fact, of the almost 80% of calls that are unwanted, traditional call blocking works only 4% of the time. That means on average, a landline owner is spending 45 minutes of their time handling all these spam calls.

That is definitely not a working solution.


The short answer is that up until now, there have not been any other options. And consumers are fed up, feeling that since they have no other option when it comes to stopping landline spam calls they will try something that works less than 5% of the time.

And while there are definitely steps in place to try and catch and stop all these bad guys, these robo and spam callers are still able to thwart these attempts.

The result? People are forced to settle for these imperfect answers to unwanted calls or just continue to deal with them. Some consumers just take the phone off the hook, while others let all calls go to the answering machine.

How imp Offers a Real solution

So what sets imp apart from other call blocking claims? To start with, imp does not focus on blocking calls. This simple insight was the first step in truly identifying a solution that works.

With millions of new phone numbers being created by the bad guys, there is just no way to keep up with trying to block the endless ever-changing numbers. So instead, we turned the whole call blocking idea upside down. Instead of do focusing on the calls you don't want or the calls you would like to block, imp focuses on the callers you actually want to hear from.

So how does that work?

With an imp™ system, all calls are first checked for you by imp. This means that the only time your landline phone will ring is if it is from a known caller.

Can you imagine how nice it is to know that every time the phone rings, it is from someone you know and want to talk to?

Try imp and fall in love with your landline phone again.