Send Spam Where it Belongs

Spam Does Not Belong on Your Landline

For close to 40 million households in the United States, the term "spam" has come to represent the non-stop ringing, day after day after day. According to our data, there are close to 1 billion calls made to household landlines every week. And almost 750 million of them are classified as some category of a spam call.

One Little imp. One Big Mission.

Our mission here at imp is simple: to rid the world from the scourge of the unwanted caller.

That means keeping any and all spam calls off of your landline, no matter what tactics they try to use to sneak into your house.

Which got us thinking: since we handle spam where it shouldn't be, what can we do to put spam where it belongs?

Introducing imp's "Send Spam Where it Belongs" Campaign

It turns out that food pantries have a real need for canned proteins. While they are always grateful for the donations that they receive, being able to provide protein to those in need is a huge bonus. This is why we are excited to announce that imp is partnering with our local food pantry to "send spam where it belongs."

This means that for every imp sold, we will donate a can of spam to our local food pantry. And when we hit 1,000 cans donated, we will instantly double it, adding another 1,000 cans of Spam.

So what are waiting for? Help us send some Spam today!