meet imp - smart landline call-filtering technology

imp™ is a smart landline call-filtering technology that simply makes spam calls go away.
The result: welcome calls, only.
Delivering on our mission to save the world from the scourge of unwanted callers involves the three patent-pending parts that make up imp™: Greenlist Technology™, the imp box™, and the imp app™.  These three piece work together to deliver a seamless spam-free experience. 

Greenlist Technology 

imp’s revolutionary idea is that telephone calls should be wanted. Our Greenlist Technology™ makes that happen. 

By focusing on those contacts you actually want to talk to, your landline phone only rings when a Greenlist caller is on the other end. Meanwhile, all other calls are silently dealt with behind the scenes, letting you decide if and when you want to follow up on them.

How Does Greenlist Technology™ Work?

At setup, imp connects with your smartphone to automagically create a Greenlist™ for you based on your saved contacts. When these Greenlist callers dial your landline, they will be able to ring through. Nice and simple.

Your Greenlist™ will also continue to learn and grow over time. So as you introduce new contacts to imp - whether it is your doctor’s office or your favorite local restaurant delivery - your Greenlist will be able to recognize and update.

What if a Contact is not on My Greenlist?  

What is different about imp is that our technology allows you to customize your landline experience as much or as little as you want. This is why we have also created the Redlist and Greylist categories.


If an unrecognized caller dials your landline number, imp™ will silently handle the call and send it to your voicemail. From there you will be able to assign that caller to one of the three lists.

Adding the contact to your Greenlist means that the caller will always ring through on your landline. And if you miss the call, they will be able to leave you a message. Adding the contact to your Greylist means that the caller will not ring through on your landline, but will be able to leave a voicemail so you can call back on your schedule. And adding to your Redlist means that your phone will not ring and the caller will not be able to leave a voicemail.

the imp box™

The imp box™ is the hardware component of the imp system™.  

In this role as the brawn of the imp system™,  the imp box™ handles all of the dirty work required for silently dealing with unwanted calls. This means that the imp box™ checks each and every call, deciding which callers get through on your landline and who doesn’t.

How Does the imp box™ Work?

Once you receive the imp box™ in the mail, all you have to do is plug in the power cord, plug in your phone line cord, and then plug in the imp box™ to your landline.

Honestly. It’s that simple.

Now that it is powered up and plugged into your landline, the imp™ box wirelessly connects to your imp app™ to complete the setup and start seamlessly delivering real-time information about calls.

From this point on, it’s welcome calls only.

Pretty cool, right?

the imp app™

The imp app™ is how you control and customize your landline experience. 

How Does the imp app™ Work?

Once you download from the App Store and easily connect to your imp box™, your imp app™ is the main way you will manage your landline. Here is where you can see your daily stats, customize your settings, review your call history, and so much more. 

In fact, your imp app is actually the world's first smart home answering machine!

How many times have you missed an important message on your home's answering machine because you were out? Well with imp, you will be notified that you just missed a call or received a new message and can immediately return the call, no matter where you are.

So, while our mission is to make spam calls go away, imp also offers so much more. See more of what imp can do over on this post → imp tips 


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