Getting the Most from Your imp

As community members settle in with their new imps, we want to share a few features to help you get the most of your imp system and enjoy the end of spam and unwanted calls.

Not an imp owner yet? The highlighted features may help you take the next step to adding imp to your home and end the scourge of spam, scam and robocalls ringing on your landline.

access all imp activity through your smartphone - anytime, anywhere

Out running errands and expecting a call? Or away on vacation and wondering about what calls you have missed? 

Using the imp app, you can access all voicemails and calls that have come in to your landline phone back at home while you are relaxing by the pool. 

With this answering machine feature, you can set your app to one of two options: Screening Calls Only or Answering Machine. 

Screening Calls Only:  imp will silently screen and take a message from Greylist callers. Greenlist callers will be passed to your home phone where they can leave a message on your traditional answering machine. 

Answering Machine:  In addition to screening Greylist calls, imp will also take messages from any missed calls from Greenlist callers.

imp learns new numbers that you want to hear from

Another great feature is called “Add all dialed calls.''  When you enable this feature within the imp app, any call you dial out from your landline phone will automatically be added to your Greenlist. 

For example, your pharmacy may not be in your smartphone contact list so it is not currently Greenlisted. But when "Add all dialed calls" is turned on, now when you call the pharmacy, it will automatically be added to your Greenlist. This means that if the pharmacy ever needs to reach you and calls you, they will get right through.

One imp can handle multiple users

Maybe you have multiple family members - each with different contacts - who all use your landline phone. And they each want to check messages and monitor calls.

Well, with the imp app, you can allow multiple users to manage the these calls by simply inviting them to become a user.

And this comes in handy when helping an older person with the system.

For example, maybe grandma lives on her own. But she needs some help in managing her appointments and avoiding possible scam calls. With imp, you can help grandma not only stay on top of her appointments, but stay safe as well. All it takes is simply setting up an imp and then being invited to help manage.

Smart Settings like Do Not Disturb and Allow All Calls

imp transforms your landline into a wicked smart phone. Two additional features that can easily be turned on in the app are Do Not Disturb and Allow All Calls.

Setting your phone to Do Not Disturb gives you the option of silencing your phone for all calls and callers (including Greenlist callers) and giving them the option to leave a message. Think: uninterrupted family dinner or when you have a work from home meeting.

You can also set your phone to Allow All Calls: this will allow all calls to ring through. For example, maybe you are expecting a call from a doctor’s office and you are not sure of the number. This will allow that call to come through and once you receive the call you were waiting for, you can simply switch back to your desired settings.

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